Welcome, I'm RJ! (Wellness Strategist/Coach)

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The fierce journey starts here.  I help women just like you create a strategy for good health so you can thrive in life period!



“Rachelle, thank you so much for pushing me during my weight loss journey.  God putting you in my life, definitely wasn't an accident.  You have encouraged me every step of the way, you always check in to see how my workouts and eating are going and you had the BRILLIANT idea to shift my workouts to the morning!  I don't think I would have ever come to that conclusion on my own.  It hasn't been easy but it is getting easier.  I have more energy and now look forward to workouts more than I ever have with you and on my own. I 'm very proud of myself!" 

A. Johnson

"Hi Rachelle – Every morning I do a 15 minute stretching routine which includes 12 (why 12?  I don’t know!) push ups and one down dog/up dog.  I noticed the other day, my 12 push ups were easier than usual.  Then today at yoga, I realized after about 10 down/up dogs that my arms weren’t as tired as they usually are at yoga by then.  That’s awesome.  I owe it all to you!!!"  

J. Campisano

"Hi Rachelle - I love working out with you!  I can see and feel changes in my body and look forward to seeing BIGGER and BETTER changes in the coming months.Thanks again for all the encouragement and patience in helping me lead a healthier, stronger and more fit life.

C. Guggenheimer