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Who says corporate wellness must be dry and boring?

Not RJ Fitness & Nutrition. With RJ as your wellness consultant she will coach, educate and inspire employees about how to become their healthiest most empowered selves. Her team will take care of your company's most important asset, your people, by breaking down holistic wellness, making it attainable, understandable, and accessible for everyone.  All in a interesting and entertaining way!



RJ Fitness & Nutrition delivers better results because our approach to workplace wellness is that it is a journey and not just a program.  We also understand that wellness isn't a "one-size-fits-all" solution and every company's wellness initiatives are unique as well as specific to your company culture.   


Therefore RJ Fitness & Nutrition creates a more personalized experience for your team of employees.  We are continuously exploring new ways to better meet the health and wellness needs of our clients.  Some of the amazing companies that we have serviced  include: Formica, 3CDC, Macy's, Cincinnati Parks & Recreation, CPS, BRG, and many more.

Good health is about so much more than numbers on a scale.  RJ takes a holistic approach to health as she educates employees and supports them through making attainable lifestyle shifts.  She gets employees engaged and excited so they walk away feeling inspired to take care of themselves and empowered to put their new knowledge into action.

As a whole, we keep workplace wellness simple, straightforward, engaging and fun!  With this approach your organization can expect to see a motivated workforce, higher participation rates, and increased productivity. CHECK OUT THE SERVICES BELOW

RJ Fitness & Nutrition will get your employees on the road to good health and keep them smiling along the way.

We Do The Heavy Lifting...Here's How We Do IT!



TOTAL WELL BEING wellness workshops

With engaging topics ranging from learning the basics of nutrition to hacking cravings, to eating healthy on the go!

themed challenges

These creative 6-8 week challenges are designed to get employees engaged in their health and well being through a little friendly competition!


We provide a full scope of custom designed fitness training, group challenges, or even one time fitness events for special occasions.

wellness retreats

We will create the perfect group fitness retreat for your team to de-stress and unwind while building inter-team relations!  Return back to work rejuvenated and focused!

Ready to transform your company's workplace? We are here to help you create more than just a program for your team!

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